Planet Prentonia is the home of quality and original Tranmere Rovers coverage. It was founded by Ryan Ferguson, a lifelong fan who grew tired of the cliched view many people have of his football club.

Rovers are often portrayed as the younger brother of Everton and Liverpool, giants that lurk across the river Mersey. However, Tranmere was formed in 1884, eight years before Liverpool, and the club has a beguiling history of its own, from developing Dixie Dean in the 1920s to reaching the League Cup final in 2000.

Yet for many years, that heritage was rarely given full credence by the mainstream press, which is where Planet Prentonia comes in. With a thriving website and social media presence, Planet Prentonia is an attempt to penetrate the lazy stereotype and explore the true soul of Tranmere Rovers.

It goes beyond simplistic match reports and diluted platitudes to tell the real story of Wirral’s preeminent sports club, with original feature articles, passionate analysis and rare historical content.

Planet Prentonia is managed and developed by loyal fans who mix intelligence about the club with expertise in the field of journalism. Time has proven that you can struggle to get that blend anywhere else, as the traditional press tends to take a more generalised approach to covering the team.

However, this remains largely a hobby, and our revenue is still dwarfed by that of platforms which provide Tranmere coverage of a lesser quality. Accordingly, we hope that you may wish to support Planet Prentonia by donating through GoFundMe.

We previously opened a Patreon campaign, but problems with its US-focused outlook made that a difficult project. GoFundMe is a vast upgrade, and it allows users to make donations to underappreciated causes through British currency, which was a request shared by a number of our readers .

Please click the above link for more information on how you can get involved. With your support, we can take Planet Prentonia to another level entirely, with far more regular content across all of our platforms. We also offer many different rewards for donating, ranging from free merchandise to exclusive content.

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