Planet Prentonia is a hub for alternative Tranmere Rovers coverage. It was founded by Ryan Ferguson, a lifelong fan, who grew tired of the cliched view many people have of his club.

As a proud pillar of a unique community, Tranmere have a rich heritage that is often overlooked by mainstream outlets. Overwhelmingly, Rovers are portrayed as the younger brother of Everton and Liverpool, giants that lurk on the other side of the Mersey. However, Tranmere were formed in 1884, eight years before their Anfield rivals, and have a beguiling history of their own, from developing Dixie Dean in the 1920s to reaching the League Cup final in 2000.

Therefore, Planet Prentonia is an attempt to penetrate the lazy stereotype and explore the true soul of Tranmere Rovers, a plucky club of striking independence. We want to go beyond simplistic match reports and diluted platitudes to tell the real story of Wirral’s preeminent sports club.

On this website, and across its various social media platforms, you can expect to see a journey into the gritty world of football in its working class heartland. From historical reminiscenceĀ and little-known facts to cultural trinkets and informed opinion, Planet Prentonia will analyse all aspects of Tranmere Rovers in its proper context.

Join us on a wonderful journey.



One comment

  1. I am that pensioner and my first Tranmere game as a four year old was against New Brighton.This article captured exactly what it has meant for me to be a Rovers fan. It has always been a badge of honour celebrating my Birkenhead routes and transcending those of my peers who were seduced by the shallow attraction of the glamour of the Liverpool teams.
    Over the years the pain though sometimes strong has always been second to the pride.
    Thank you for giving expression to what so many of us have always felt and for the timeliness of this Agincourt like rallying call


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